The home of genuine Italian artisan gelato, sorbets, lollies and desserts!

DiSotto are the leading suppliers of gelato, ice cream and Italian-style desserts to fine dining establishments across the UK. We’ve been catering to discerning food lovers for over fifty years, ever since Domenico and Vincenzo brought the DiSotto name to the UK in 1962. Our recipes have been handed down through the generations, helping to create a reputation for the finest and freshest tasting gelato this side of Italy!

What’s the difference between gelato and ice cream?

“Gelato” means “ice cream” in Italian so this is something we get asked a lot. The short answer is that while ice cream is airy and full of fat, gelato is denser and more intense. The longer answer is that they both contain milk and cream, but it’s the proportions of each ingredient that makes the difference. Gelato has more milk than cream which not only reduces the fat content but also makes it softer and packed with flavour, meaning that every mouthful is good to the last. This intensity also allows the added fruits, nuts and chocolate to really shine!

We source only the finest British and Italian ingredients that guarantee great flavour and richness, such as British double cream, Cornish clotted cream, free range eggs and fresh whole milk. Our unique family recipes have been refined over the years to ensure excellent results every time.

The DiSotto Dessert Menu

Our dessert range includes a wide selection of the best of British and Italian treats. As well as gelato we supply delicious ice creams, sorbets and individual desserts including rum baba, panna cotta and chocolate brownies. We also supply a range of indulgent cakes such as tiramisu, New York cheesecake and much, much more! And for that finishing touch take a look at our range of toppings and decorations that includes sauces and sprinkles as well as cones, wafers and waffle baskets.

We have a well-established operation to supply our gelatos and desserts to food service organisations, restaurants and food distributors across the UK. You can also now buy directly from us via our shop! Take a look at the fantastic ranges of Mediterranean and British desserts, foods and ingredients that will tempt your taste buds and inspire your creativity.

Contact us if you have any questions, we’re happy to help you.